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Deep River Land Trust offers walking and hiking areas on several of our properties. Union Street, Rattling Valley Ridge (which connects the Florence Bidwell sanctuary with the Smyth sanctuary), Florence Bidwell Sanctuary, Evelyn & Hawthorne Smyth Sanctuary, Guetliweg, and George C. Lyon all welcome visitors.

A preview of our Properties:

George C. Lyon Nature Preserve: The property encompasses 10.7 acres of upland woods, a pond, and wetlands. The land was donated to the Deep River Land Trust in 1997, and a trail system has now been developed on the land. Several classic old stone walls border and cross the property. Lyons Meadow Pond is a former mill pond impounded by a concrete dam. In recent years, energetic beavers have made the pond their home, and water levels have been raised by beaver dam building. In 2020 the beavers seem to have moved on, but many beaver-hewn trees still remain toppled along the edges of the pond. The main trail (indicated by yellow blazes) weaves around rock outcroppings and large glacial boulders of granitic gneiss; and an old cinder block foundation provides hikers a place to sit and enjoy the scenery. In the southwestern part of the preserve, the trail follows and old wood road and right of way to the adjoining Essex Land Trust Woodja Hill Preserve trail system. The parking area on Meadow Woods Road has room for only 2 cars, however a larger parking off Oxbow Lane can also be used.

Board Member Mike W. Shared a video of a 2021 visit to the George C. Lyon Preserve
Board Member MIke W. shared this video of the Lyons property water feature from 2021

Click on the download links to see the trail maps.

Trail Blaze Information:

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